Presets Added For 3Dicom Pro & Surgical

Today, 24th May 2021, sees the release of V2.4.0 of 3Dicom. This comprehensive release provides all 3Dicom users with the ability to work with true Hounsfield values as acquired by the scanner as opposed to the previous 0-1 scaled map of Hounsfield values.

For all tiers of 3Dicom, we’ve also added further functions that scale the HU value range automatically upon scan load to display a meaningful 3D model once loaded and scales the HU windowing to only show HU values captured by the scanner rather than the full range.

For 3Dicom Pro & Surgical users, we’ve added 3 intuitive HU presets to quickly edit compatible scans to visualise Skin, Muscle and Bone anatomy without having to change values in the HU slider. Additionally, we have added a Transfer Function which enables 9 pre-mapped colour presets which are useful for visualising particular components of the loaded scans. These are;

CT-Bone, CT-Cardiac, CT-Lung, CT-Muscle, X-Ray, Inverse, Red, Green and Blue.