3Dicom Viewer

View Your Own Medical Scans in 3D

Improve your understanding of your own CT, MRI & PET scans by rendering them in 3D rather than 2D slices in 90 seconds or less!

A Lite version of 3Dicom Viewer is available directly within the Singular Health Launcher, downloadable via the button below:

Feature Comparisons

Existing slider with upper/lower values
Presets (based on Hounsfield values) e.g. Bone, Soft Tissue etc.
Presets with Colour (i.e. bone range is coloured off-white etc.)
Automatic scale (slider sensitivity improved by scaling to actual scan HU range)
Hounsfield Pointer (toggle on/off)
Hounsfield Histogram
Brightness/Contrast & Opacity Sliders with Values
Smoothing tool
2D Animations
2D Simple Markups (Circle, Line & Freeform Drawing)
Ability to save annotations etc. to ‘new’ DICOM file
2D to 3D dot transposition
3D Annotations
2D to 3D drawing
Origin point & 3D spatial pointer
2D Point to Point Measurement (Temporal)
2D Closed Polygon drawing (multiple point to point) with area & perimeter
2D Circle drawing with area, diameter & perimeter 
Ability to save measurements & markup on 2D & 3D space to new DCM
Measurement of Angles in 2D
3D Point to Point Measurement (done in 2D planes & calculated/shown in 3D)
3D Angle Measurements
3D Volumetric Measurements (magic wand in 2D view with HU thresholding & creation of VOI)
3D Slicer with values (i.e. slices) 
Immersive Zoom (ability to go inside body & rotate the body) 
Ability to add a 3D dot at a particular point & view in 2D
Immersive Control Settings (Rotation/panning/zoom speeds & invert controls) 
Ability to rotate camera to look around at a particular area in the body & quickly take screenshots/video 
Hot key mapping for immersive controls, change HU values etc using WA whilst in a particular position
Browse to/select destination folder for images
Take screenshots/images of individual 2D slices using Quick camera icon. Output as PNG
Take screenshots/images of the 3D model using Quick Camera icon. Output as PNG
Screenshots include measurements/markup overlaid on raw DICOM data
Take video recording of 2D slices by holding down Quick Camera Icon and scrolling through
Take video recording of the 3D model using Quick Camera Icon & then manipulating model
Image previews in the Media Tab with ability to quickly click to enlarge and view in app
Share RAW DICOM file via Email (Requires pop-up disclosure/patient consent form)
Export settings of a particular view from the application so it can be opened in same position upon opening of same DICOM file by a third party
Collaborative classroom style system that allows remote access/control of the model
PDF Report reading & creation
Ability to quickly share the image previews in the Media Tab via Email
Ability to extract Radiology Clinic details of scan from DICOM meta-data so physician can contact the radiology clinic
DICOM Meta-Data displayed in panel and ability to scroll down through all the tags
Convert DICOM to NIFTI & Save
ACS Integration
Accept and display DICOM studies from other PACS locations
Open ZIP Archives with DICOM files
Store DICOM studies in a local database (with disclaimer)
Ability to bulk convert all slices from a particular 2D view into PNG (i.e IM0001_X1, IM0002_X2) for use in Machine Learning/AI.
Binary masking (drawing on 2D slices creates binary mask that saves out to a PNG)
Fusion of series with different modalities (eg. PET-CT) or MRI with T1/T2
Import STL Files and manipulate using mouse/keys
Export 3D models to STL files