Bulk Slice Export To PNG for ML/AI

Many ML/AI algorithms in radiology are developed using image analysis, computer vision and convolutional-neural-networks which require binary masks of the source radiological data to ‘learn’ and generate ‘predictive masks’.

With our own in-house artificial intelligence team working on anatomical segmentation using labelled / masked data and wanting to be able to bulk export DICOM slices from each orthagonal plane (sagittal, coronal and axial) into sequential PNG files for training datasets, we saw the need to be able to easily export all the slices in the 3 planes and set about adding this functionality in the 3Dicom software. Since late-April 2021, this has been available as a 3Dicom Surgical feature.

This tool to bulk export the slices currently does not include the ability to export binary masks, however this is expected to be released by mid-June 2021 and will allow for users to generate binary masks inside of 3Dicom Surgical and export both the binary masks and the source DICOM file to PNGs in all three orthagonal planes.

The Output Folder containing all 512 individual ‘slices’ from the ‘X’ plane of a scan